Under the Amoral Bridge Audiobook gets a great review

I recently released Under the Amoral Bridge on audiobook to test the waters of the audio format. Since I’m not an audiobook reader, I was unsure if the format would have enough sales to justify the time. I’m glad to say that the sales have been brisk, and the reviews that are coming in are excellent.

The latest review comes from Susan of the Dab of Darkness blog. Her full review can be read here, but I’ll just paraphrase a few of the key passages.

 I can’t say I particularly liked this character [Bridge], but he was so fascinating I didn’t have to. He obviously has morals concerning his own behavior and yet holds back on enforcing those morals on others. Plus he makes most of his money off of one type of degenerate or other. He has a body guard who is paid to look aware and tough but not paid enough to take a punch for Bridge. I found their banter and dynamic both comical and interesting.

The plot has a few unexpected twists and turns and they were a treat to watch unfold. Bridge has to call in favors, rely on friends, and outwit the bad guys. However, bad guys are nearly all he deals with, so there’s plenty of fancy foot work to stay ahead of a bullet. All in all this was an enjoyable ride with an original lead character. Definitely worthy of my time.

Thank you, Susan, for the glowing review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and I hope you’ll like future entries in the series. I’ve just entered into a contract with the narrator of Under to record an audiobook of its sequel, The Know Circuit.

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