The Author Has Thoughts

I've recently begun recording a series of videos that provide a running commentary on my works, starting with my Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos series, The Stepping Stone Cycle. In this series of videos, I share some of the inspirations and ideas behind the series. In addition, you'll get to hear all sorts of behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the characters, settings and choices made in the books, including a few oopsies that made it past my editing.

I've now begun releasing videos on The Bridge Chronicles. You can watch the videos below and check back weekly for new videos.

Under the Amoral Bridge, Part 5 - Coda - Corporations v Governments

Under the Amoral Bridge, Part 4 - Reviews and Prognostications

Under the Amoral Bridge, Part 3 - Hackers in Human Soup

Under the Amoral Bridge, Part 2 - The Characters of Class Warfare

Under the Amoral Bridge, Part 1 - The Beatdown

The Bridge Chronicles, Part 1 - Cyberpunk Series Overview

The Bridge Chronicles, Part 2 - Cyberpunk Series Overview Continued