The Know Circuit

Book 2

The Know Circuit is the second novel in a near future cyberpunk series called The Bridge Chronicles, starring the witty amoral fixer Artemis Bridge. The series is written and self-published by Mississippi science fiction author Gary A. Ballard. Originally published serially on his blog in 2009, The Know Circuit was collected and published as a trade paperback and eBook in 2010. Click here to buy the book in your preferred format.


Artemis Bridge can get you what you need no matter how immoral or illegal, no questions asked. With practiced detachment, he keeps everyone around him at arm's length. But when the city of Boulder is trapped in a mysterious dome, he must set aside his detachment to help his bodyguard Aristotle's search for his missing grandmother. Every step he takes towards the dome deepens the mystery, as he is compelled to seek out the source of the strange happenings. Flaming dragons, cars transformed into robotic golems, a corporate- military quarantine and disturbing visions drive Bridge to a life-altering conclusion.

The Know Circuit

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