Pre-order the next installment of the critically-acclaimed cyberpunk sci-fi series The Bridge Chronicles, Paycheck Euphoria. The sixth(6th) novel in the
For those who follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you were treated to a big announcement this week. The title
It took two years and one day, but I've finally completed the first draft of the next entry in the


Susan from the Dab of Darkness book review blog has reviewed the audiobook version of The Know Circuit and gave it
I recently released Under the Amoral Bridge on audiobook to test the waters of the audio format. Since I'm not
Thomas Anderson, of the Hungry Monster Book Reviews blog, posted a review of Under the Amoral Bridge. He gave it


Sheri over at the Shut Up & Read blog has posted a Q&A session with me today. You can see
Dag R. of the Science fiction and fantasy web site recently interviewed me about my writing. We talked about
The Monster, of Hungry Monster Book Review, conducted an interview with me recently and has just published the full interview