Under the Amoral Bridge

Book 1

Under the Amoral Bridge is the first novel in a near future cyberpunk series called The Bridge Chronicles, starring the witty amoral fixer Artemis Bridge. The series is written and self-published by Mississippi science fiction author Gary A. Ballard. Originally published serially on his blog in 2008, Under the Amoral Bridge was collected and published as a trade paperback and eBook in 2009. Click here to buy the book in your preferred format.


Artemis Bridge is the know-who, go-to guy, the amoral fixer in 2028 Los Angeles with the connection for any illicit desire no matter how depraved. You need it, he can get it without questions or judgment. He prides himself on staying detached from the depravity, untouched by the filth, untouchable by the law. When a young hacker is assassinated before his eyes, he is burdened with a scandalous video of the mayor on the eve of the city's most important election of the century. With digital assassins and murderous thugs dogging his every step, he has only days before the corrupt mayor is re-elected, handing the Chronosoft Corporation complete control of the city. Unable to sell the video, he is forced further into a complex conspiracy. This taut futuristic thriller is the debut novel by Gary A. Ballard, a rising new talent in the cyberpunk genre.

Under the Amoral Bridge

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