Under the Amoral Bridge now available in Audiobook format

While I’ve had a few requests for audiobook versions of my novels over the years, I’ve never pursued the option. I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of audiobooks – not only would I rather read the books myself, the places I would tend to listen to something for that long are places I tend to prefer listening to music instead. I do, however, recognize that there is a significant audience for audiobooks out there and when I was given the opportunity to record an audiobook through the ACX/Audible platform, I decided to give it a try. Thanks to the talented Joe Hempel, contributor of the blog Top of the Heap Reviews (who incidentally reviewed Under the Amoral Bridge previously), I now have an audiobook version of Under the Amoral Bridge for sale through the Audible platform.

The Audible platform allows you to buy the audiobook version outright (it’s currently listed at $14.95 for an MP3 version – you can also get it on Amazon for $13.08) or you may purchase an Audible membership for $14.95 a month and listen to as many books as you desire including my book. As I said, I’m not an audiobooks listener, but if you are, that sounds a good value. In the interests of full disclosure if you sign up for a membership and stay with it for 3 months and my book is the first you purchase, I get a $50 bounty.

Thanks again to Joe Hempel for his fantastic narration! Depending on how well this does, I may offer other novels as audiobooks in the future. I hope you enjoy listening as much as others have enjoyed reading!

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