The Long and the Short Swords

Book 4

The Long and the Short Swords is the fourth novel in a near future cyberpunk series called The Bridge Chronicles, starring the witty amoral fixer Artemis Bridge. The series is written and self-published by Mississippi science fiction author Gary A. Ballard. Click here to buy the book in your preferred format.


Book 4 - Bridge didn’t used to get involved with his clients, especially clients who put him at risk. From the minute he spoke to the killer who called himself Logan, he knew this one was trouble. All Logan wanted was someone to forge him a new identity so he could continue running from the secrets of his past. A simple job for Bridge, hook Logan up with a paper guy, got complicated in a hurry when his connections start turning up dead, killed by black-robed killers with swords. To escape, Bridge and Logan dive under the radar and into the politics of the Gangland, the autonomous zone in the middle of the corporate-owned Los Angeles of 2029. Bridge must find a way to make Logan disappear before the clan of religious assassins from ancient Japan catch up to them both.

The Long and the Short Swords

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