Red Adept Reviews Under the Amoral Bridge

Red Adept Reviews, one of the most well-respected Kindle eBook reviewers, posted a review today of my debut cyberpunk novel,Under the Amoral Bridge. She gave it an amazing 4 3/4 stars! You can read the full review here, and there’s a taste after the jump.

From the first paragraph, I was pulled into the story.

Artemis, the main character, was really fun to read about. I loved his style. While I couldn’t agree with his politics, or lack thereof, or his moral reasonings, he still remained sympathetic in my eyes. He wasn’t particularly likable, yet I still found myself cheering him on.

Thanks to Red Adept for her fantastic review! The book is available as an eBook, a paperback and as part of a compilation eBook with The Know Circuit in The Bridge Chronicles, Books 1 & 2.

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