if [tribe] = Reviewed on Papyrus

Caleb Blake of the Independent author review site, Papyrus, informed me of a review he’d posted back in July of my latest cyberpunk novel, if [tribe] =. You can read the review by clicking here. Some choice excerpts include:

“The plot moves fast and is greatly entertaining. Immersion in technology is inevitable, but relatively painless. Virtual worlds, super powers through the control of mathematics and cybercops all dance with the good stuff – greed, power, dog-eat-dog and the almighty deal. I think of The Bridge Chronicles as “Snow Crash lite”. The technological aspects of the story are a bit more accessible, the writing slightly less dense, but the feel is similar. It’s a great compliment as Snow Crash is one of my favourite cyberpunk novels.”

“If you like your cyberpunk readily digestible, your plot punchy and clever and your characters dripping with cynicism while you walk the tightrope between entertainment and uncomfortable near-reality, give this trilogy a chance.”

Go give Caleb some clicks and check out his other reviews at Papyrus. For information on where to purchase my books, go to the Buy my Books page.

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