Upcoming Bridge Novel Renamed

For months now, I’ve been working on the next novel in the Bridge Chronicles series, a book I had titled The Shootist. Somewhere in the fevered recesses of my mind, I had the idea that somewhat awkward name was unique, original, something I’d come up with on my own. The reason for its construction I can’t reveal, because it has something to do with a big part of the narrative in the novel that I’m not ready to go into yet. However, I’ve come to find out that The Shootist is actually the name of an existing novel, a western by Glendon Swarthout published in 1975, with a John Wayne movie of the same name having been released a year later.

While normally I might not care. I’m sure no one would confuse the two novels once context was established. However, search engines often don’t distinguish context well at all. As I’m reliant on search engine results (like those in the Amazon search engine) for much of my sales, I really don’t want to be confused with the western novel of the same name. I’m still mulling over a new title, something that captures the essence of the narrative and any underlying meanings, like if [tribe] = did for that novel.

The good news is that work on the novel continues apace, though its pace isn’t as quick as I’d like. I’m over halfway through now. I’ve gotten into the meat of the backstory of the mysterious assassin, Logan, and am writing pieces that originally appeared in the first unpublished novel in the setting that I did years ago, only better.

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