Reclamation, the latest Bridge Chronicles cyberpunk novel, has been published!

Within the last few minutes, I submitted all the files necessary to publish the eBook version of my latest cyberpunk novel in the Bridge Chronicles series, Reclamation. As usual, it’ll take a few days or more for the book to be available at all the normal eBook vendors. The first one that comes online is almost always Smashwords, and the book is on sale there right now in multiple formats! UPDATE: Now available on Amazon and Barnes & as well.

Smashwords eBook
Kindle eBook
Barnes & Noble Nook eBook

The book sells for $2.99 and will be available everywhere in the various eBook formats including Kindle and ePub within the next week barring some unforseen circumstance. The paperback version will take a little long, as I have to lay out the thing for print in a different way than the eBook but I guesstimate it’ll be available no later than mid-June. As more formats come online, I’ll update this story as well as the Buy My Books page.


The files for the paperback version have been sent to the publisher and are under review now. Hopefully, we’ll see the paperback on Amazon and other outlets within the next week or two.

Gary Ballard
May 22, 2016

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