if [tribe] = Released!

After a Sunday full of work, I can finally announce that the newest novel in the Bridge Chronicles series, if [tribe] =, has been released! So far, it’s only available on Smashwords and in the Kindle Store, but as the various outlets process their pieces, it will be availble at Barnes & Noble’s online store as well as other eBook vendors. The paperback will take a while longer for release. I anticipate its release within the next two weeks, once I order the proofing copy and approve it, I’ll just have to wait until CreateSpace distributes it to the various retailers. For sample chapters, go to the if [tribe] = page and if you’re ready to buy, find out how on the Buy page.

It’s been a long haul, but I think I’ve outdone myself on this one. I hope you enjoy it and thanks to everyone who has supported my writing from the beginning.

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