The Ten Billion Dollar Orange Gorilla in the Room – Election 2016

So welcome back to me. I haven’t blogged on here for quite a while. I have actually sat out almost the entirety of the 2016 Election except for commenting on Twitter, though anyone who knows me should know how I felt about most of it. I think there’s been some really great people who have done great jobs covering this horror show much better than I could have, particularly those at The Nightly Show (which should still be on) and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. However, given the avalanche of heinous shit that has been raining down on us since the release of the “Grab them by the pussy” tape, I figured now would be a good time to pop off about the Ten Billion Dollar Orange Gorilla in the Room.

Donald Trump. Holy shit. There is no reason to go over how much of a vile, hate-filled, entitled bag of inherited privilege wrapped in the spray tan orange leather skin that makes up what people generously term the human named Donald Trump. No, you can Google for weeks to find out about The Donald. Maybe appending THE to his name will finally convince all future mothers to eschew the name “Donald” for their baby boys, much like “Adolf.” Maybe he can finally be THE Donald, as in the last one.

What fascinates and disgusts me about the “Pussygate” or “Pussy-ghazi” or whatever you want to call it is how much it should not have surprised one single woke person. Did America just wake up from a year long coma this past Friday, having not seen any of the vile shit he’s said in the primary? And even if that were the case, and he hadn’t called Mexican immigrants racist, or stoked the flames of Islamophobia or said that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her wherever, I have to ask those shocked by this tape a question.

Did you dim motherfuckers not watch the life of this man for the last forty fucking years? I mean, really?

There has been ample statements by this man both written and recorded, as well as secondhand accounts of the type of blatant misogyny on display on that tape, going back to his days as one of the celebrities at Studio 54. Did all of you Evangelical Christians who claim to vote for “family values” not notice that he had cheated on his first two wives quite publicly? Sure, he married the women he cheated with later, but this still should not absolve him of the sin of infidelity. What part of any of his very public persona led you to believe this was a man who respected women (or really anyone but himself) in the slightest? My mother, who has never given one shit about celebrity culture, terming it all fluff and a waste of time, someone who has reliably voted Republican in most elections my entire life, even she knew he was a piece of human-shaped trash. So why didn’t you?

The Republican Party should shoulder a lot of the blame as well. All these Senators who endorsed him and have now withdrawn that endorsement, who did you think you were endorsing? You were just peachy with the Donald Trump who quite clearly took all the subtle racism of the dogwhistle politics the Republicans have traded in since Ronald Reagan’s days of “welfare queens” and “young bucks” and turned all that nasty shit up to 11. You were just fine with race-baiting Donald Trump, who said that a federal judge was discriminating against Trump because the judge had Mexican heritage. You were fine with the Donald Trump who called on religious tests for entry into this country because it was just Muslims he was targeting. Hell, you were apparently fine with the Donald Trump that seemed to lionize Vladimir Putin’s leadership in Russia (which turned a burgeoning democracy into a brutal, oppressive oligarchic cleptocracy) and wanted to abandon our NATO treaty obligations, as well as the one who wanted to kill the families of terrorists, recreate and expand on the torture apparatus that the Bush administration used and commit war crimes by “bombing the shit out of” the Middle East.

That you assholes in the GOP establishment didn’t allow a convention floor fight to unseat Trump is why you shitheads are in this mess now. This is why your entire downballot is about to get creamed, and why you might actually lose the House. Now, I realize disrupting the will of 40% of your base would have been ugly, and frankly, I probably wouldn’t have done it either nor would I have been behind the idea had Bernie Sanders people done the same to Hillary even though I voted for Bernie Sanders.

However, even before the convention, your entire party knew what kind of man Donald Trump was. That you bastards were too afraid of what his “basket of deplorables” base would do, that you were too afraid of how much it would damage the party as well as probably killing any chance you had at winning the Presidency, you decided to roll the dice. “Maybe he won’t say anything too outrageous and we can beat Hillary! After all, she’s almost as universally disliked as he is!”

Only Americans finally found something about Trump that disgusts us enough well and truly tell him to fuck off. Even had this tape not come out, it looks as if he probably would have lost anyway but the damage an uncontrollable, narcissistic twat could do to the entire party is likely to be worse than the damage that would have been done at the convention. Donald Trump is the face of your party no matter how much you cowardly shits try to scurry away from him because you allowed it to happen.

I do not want to even claim that the rest of the GOP field of candidates would have been much better. They were all pretty rancid and/or uninspiring in one way or another. That a miserable, ratfucking cartoon character of a dildo who none of the other ratfuckers in your party even want to work with was your voters’ second choice should have alarmed you almost as much. Your voters’ two choices, the ones who together got over 50% of the primary vote, both of those guys are people who do not want to govern so much as rule by fiat, that neither of them has any use for playing compromise games that is the heart of what pragmatic politics is about, that both of them are odious human shit stains that would rather watch the government burn than allow some tiny amount of compromise into their politics, that should have told you right away that your party was fucked.

At least with Ted Cruz (or even Paul Ryan), you guys had some hope of appearing principled, of being able to display a pretense that the things you SAY you are for are the things you actually stand for – conservative principles as it were. It would have shown that you have convictions as opposed to just forming your party around negging the other party (and the very concept of responsible governance). Ted Cruz, who showed admirable conviction when he refused to endorse Trump at the convention, had the worst possible timing when it came to finally giving up the those convictions and sucking up to the teat of the Great Orange Julius. The sad, pathetic little video of him making calls on behalf of Donald Trump was an illustration of the mewling submission of the entire GOP. A day later, another video showing THE Donald bragging about sexual assault like it was a badge of pride made that video all the more pathetic.

So here we are, GOP. You own this utter shitshow of a mess. You can all swat at THE Donald from your fetal position like a kitten that’s being turned over on its back to expose it’s soft underbelly, but you all either tacitly endorsed him or refused to denounce him. You enabled all his worst traits and you put all those traits to the forefront as the face of your party. And you did it because you feared that you MIGHT lose without him. Now you just have to fight on without him anyway but with the added albatross of having supported him knowing what kind of man he really was.

This election cannot be over soon enough. If there was ever a case to mandate a shortening of the election season BY LAW, 2016 is the proof that such a restriction is needed. As for THE Donald, if I never see or hear from him ever again, I won’t miss him one bit.

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