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Those who have been paying attention to the Bridge Chronicles site for my cyberpunk series will notice that the whole site has been given a facelift. It’s been high time I made that site over as I hadn’t changed the look since releasing The Long and the Short Swords, almost two years ago. Part of the reason for the inactivity was because of the focus on my cosmic horror series, The Stepping Stone Cycle.  With the release of the third novella in that series imminent, I’ve decided to alter my writing pattern a little. For now, I’ll be continuing the Stepping Stone series, though the releases may take a little longer than they have been. I’ll be adding another day to my writing schedule and that day will be solely dedicated to adding content to the Bridge Chronicles series.

Hard to believe it’s been almost three years since I released my first short story compilation in the series, Tales from the Bridge Chronicles, Volume 1. I named it Volume 1 because I always intended to add more stories to them once I had (or made) time. Now, I’m making that time. I’ve begun writing the short stories that will make up Volume 2. Just as I did on Volume 1, I will be releasing the stories on the web site before compiling them into an eBook (and potentially some form of dead tree book as well).

Though I love indie publishing, I have to admit there isn’t a lot of money to be made at the individual level. Crowdfunding has become a rather strange thing these days and after thinking about it long and hard, I’ve decided to try my hand at a few crowdfunding ideas. The first one is Patreon – a site based on the renaissance idea of fans becoming patrons of their favorite creative types. Patrons of works can contribute monthly at whatever level they wish and at certain levels the creator can give rewards. This idea appeals to me, so I’ve made a Patreon page for the fans of my cyberpunk series to contribute to the continued, steady release of material in the universe. While the short stories I’m writing will be released publicly eventually, Patrons will get them first. I’ll even be posting material in rough draft format, before the editing process has been applied and soliciting feedback on the stories. This is a real opportunity to create a dialog with the fans as well as allow the fans to support me in a tangible way.

If you decide to support my work, thank you. And even if you don’t, thank you for the attention you’ve given me. Writing without readers is simply whispering into the void. You guys spending money and time on my endeavors makes the whole effort worthwhile.

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