The New Transfer Protocol - Part 1

Finding a hacker team for a job this serious required a broker. Brokers were usually hackers themselves, hackers who had been so successful and well known amongst the community that they commanded the respect of others in the profession. Bridge knew at least six good brokers from his hacker days, before the riots, but only one had the kind of stable of talent he would need. As the broker’s numbers appeared on his internal HUD at a thought, he mentally crossed his fingers. Angela had the best crew this side of the Rockies but she hadn’t talked to him since their romance had disintegrated four months ago. A payoff this massive was worth taking the risk, though, no matter how pissed off she might be.

"What the fuck do you want, you syphilitic cocksucker?" His brain practically burned with the vitriol in her voice. Bridge believed if she could have stabbed him in the face over the cellular connection, she would have.

"Nice to see you too, Angie," Bridge replied calmly.

"You got a lot of fucking nerve calling me up after four months, you son of a bitch. You didn’t want to talk to me when I moved out, and now you’re a chatty Kathy? What do you want?"

"I want to make you some money."

"Which means you want to use some of my minions, right? You think I actually trust you to take care of them?"

"I would never expect you to trust me. This ain’t about trust, it’s about a great deal of money."

The line grew silent. When she finally spoke, her words were hesitant. "How much money?" Bridge told her the payoff. "Who do you know with that kind of juice?"

"Cornelius Roth."

"THE Cornelius Roth? That old billionaire thinks he’s a hacker?"

"He’s as much a hacker as I was."

"Like I said."

"He’s prepared to pay up front."