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Gary A. Ballard

I've just packaged up the cover and interior files for if [tribe] = and uploaded them to the printing house. They are under review, and my proofing copy should *fingers crossed* be ready for order within the next two days. After that, it's up to the postal service and Amazon as to how long before you can buy a paperback copy of the new cyberpunk sensation! Unfortunately, I've had to price it a little higher than The Know Circuit - retail price will be $10.99. But at 220 pages, it's a good bit denser than the first two novels. Keep checking back on the site for updates.

After a Sunday full of work, I can finally announce that the newest novel in the Bridge Chronicles series, if [tribe] =, has been released! So far, it's only available on Smashwords and in the Kindle Store, but as the various outlets process their pieces, it will be availble at Barnes & Noble's online store as well as other eBook vendors. The paperback will take a while longer for release. I anticipate its release within the next two weeks, once I order the proofing copy and approve it, I'll just have to wait until CreateSpace distributes it to the various retailers. For sample chapters, go to the if [tribe] = page and if you're ready to buy, find out how on the Buy page.

It's been a long haul, but I think I've outdone myself on this one. I hope you enjoy it and thanks to everyone who has supported my writing from the beginning.

Originally, I had thought to release the newest Bridge Chronicles novel in May and had been working towards that release date. Since it's now June, that obviously hasn't happened. My previous month has been super crazy busy. Not only did my workload increase dramatically but I also had to move to a new house in the middle of the month and picked up a freelance project along the way. All of that took a lot more time than I expected it to, and as such, I haven't been able to work on the novel as much as I'd like. As a result, the novel is being delayed. My hope is that everything is done in time for a late June release, but if not, I don't expect it'll take much time beyond the middle of July. In the meantime, I have managed to complete the cover for the novel, which I've reproduced below. I'll be releasing at least one or two more sample chapters before the final push, so keep checking back for that. 

Here it is - the front cover of the next Bridge Chronicles novel, if [tribe] =

if tribe = cover