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Gary A. Ballard has just updated their site to reflect the release of The Long and the Short Swords in paperback! For all those non-eBook readers, my last Bridge Chronicles novel is now available in dead tree format. You can find the book on Amazon's site or at the Createspace store. It will be available at other outlets later and I'll update the Buy My Books page as soon as it is.

It's been nine months since I released The Long and the Short Swords and announced that I'd be taking a hiatus from the Bridge Chronicles. Now, I'm finally able to announce what I've been working on - The Stepping Stone Cycle. To celebrate the upcoming release of the first novella in my new cosmic horror series, First Stone, I'm proud to open The Stepping Stone Cycle series web site. The novella is in the final stages of editing now, and I hope to release it over the upcoming Black Friday weekend. As I get closer to release, I'll be adding some sample chapters to the novella's page. In the meantime, you can read about the series concept. I'm really excited to share the world I've spent the last nine months building and I hope you enjoy the series.


As promised, here is a short excerpt from the second chapter of the upcoming Bridge Chronicles novel, The Long and the Short Swords. The mysterious assassin Logan is cornered in a hotel room by Bridge's technomancer bodyguard, Mu. This has gone through one round of edits so it's still in rough form.