What does cyberpunk mean to you? It's been almost 35 years since the genre was first given its name but the term has evolved from describing a very specific style of science-fiction to encompass musical genres, fashion and lifestyles. Often co-mingled with transhumanism or post-humanism, defining the term cyberpunk can be difficult. Of course, to define is to limit and I would never seek to limit the term cyberpunk to only one definition. As such, I've thrown open my Twitter feed to this question. What does it mean to #becyberpunk? Tweet your answer with the hashtag #becyberpunk and let's find out together!

I'm going to post screenshots of the best answers I get to this page and update it as answers come in. The Twitter users who get their Tweet posted to this page will also get a free eBook copy of Under the Amoral Bridge if they want it. There's no restrictions on this one - so long as I can email you a Smashwords coupon or a copy of the eBook in the format you want, you can enter. I do not have the book translated into any language other than English, so if you can't read English, not much reason to pick this up though you still can if you wish. So let's hear it Twitter. What does it mean to #becyberpunk?

And our first winner!

On the nose and funny.